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One of the Best Vein Doctors in Texas Explains Why Varicose Veins Are Scarier Than You Think

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One of the Best Vein Doctors in Texas Explains Why Varicose Veins Are Scarier Than You Think

If your legs are covered with varicose veins, you don’t have to be told that they look a little scary.

Best Vein Doctors in Texas: Varicose Vein Are Scary

One of our patients recently told us that the main reason she decided to seek vein disease treatment in Texas because she was tired of looking in the mirror and seeing her legs look like something out of ‘The Walking Dead‘. And while this was funny and everyone laughed about it, as Flower Mound vein specialists we also knew that varicose veins are scary in many other ways, and that this might have had a lot to do with our patient’s symptoms. She had originally come to see us because she had developed swollen legs and ankles that had grown so painful she could no longer walk to the corner market. Most days, all she could do was sit on her sofa thinking “My legs hurt!” and feel depressed because she no longer had the energy to do anything else. If you’re looking for something that is genuinely “scary” about having varicose veins, THAT is scary.

Varicose veins are the surface symptoms of something far scarier – vein disease

In most cases, varicose veins are caused by a vein disease called chronic venous insufficiency, or CVI. This disease has many potential causes, including age (you are more likely to get it the older you get), gender (you’re more at risk if you’re female, for hormonal reasons), weight (your risk is higher if you’re overweight or obese), and genetics (you’re more at risk if family members had vein disease). But whatever caused the CVI to appear, as Flower Mound vascular doctors we know what the effects are. If you have developed CVI sufficiently to have varicose vein, what this means is that the tiny, one-way valves in your veins that control the flow of blood have become damaged and “leaky.” Instead of closing properly when blood flows through them on its way back to your heart, they remain open, allowing the blood to flow back into the veins and collect there. This causes them to swell and turn purplish-blue, taking on the color of deoxygenated blood. It also severely impairs your circulation and immune system.

The scariest part of varicose veins is what they do to your overall health

As unattractive as varicose veins may be on the surface of your skin, it’s what they are doing beneath the surface that is really scary. Having CVI cripples your circulation, so your legs can become so weak and tired you can hardly walk. Leave your CVI and varicose veins untreated, and this impaired circulation can become so severe that the skin on your legs becomes discolored, tough, and covered with open, bleeding sores called leg ulcers that do not heal or respond to topical treatment. And that’s just the start of the horror movie. Having CVI cripples your immune system so much that it can literally double your risk of developing other, more serious conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and obesity. On a psychological level, having varicose vein has been shown to be linked to loss of self-esteem, severe depression, and social isolation. It’s not unusual for patients to become so ashamed of how they look that they cut themselves off from friends and loved ones and make excuses to avoid engaging in activities that force them to reveal their legs.

Here’s the good part – you can ‘wake up’ from the scary nightmare of varicose veins

We’re not trying to scare you – all of these scary symptoms and side effects of the varicose veins are very real. But you don’t have to have varicose veins. They can be permanently eliminated in about an hour in the comfort of the offices of your spider and varicose veins doctor in Flower Mound. Once the varicose vein is gone, so is the vein disease that caused them. More important, once the varicose veins are gone, so are all the scary symptoms and side effects. To find out how quickly, easily, and painlessly this can happen, just pick up your phone and call one of the best vein doctors in Texas today at 972-410-5757. Talk to Dr. Robert A. Handley and schedule an initial consultation with him. He will examine your varicose veins, explain the different treatment options available to remove them, and help you to select the treatments that best suit your personal goals. Within a few days you can be enjoying life without varicose veins. And there is nothing scary about that.

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