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VenaSeal Vein Closure

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VenaSeal Vein Closure

Dr. Handley is a certified specialist using the VenaSeal Closure System for vein treatment. Using a medical adhesive, as opposed to thermal technology or sclerosants, the varicose veins are sealed. Once the diseased veins are closed, it will improve the cosmetic look as well as symptoms including vein pain. The VenaSeal adhesive is guided to the varicose vein using an ultrasound for precise treatment. This vein treatment can minimize pain and bruising and shorten the recovery time, compared to other methods of vein removal

VenaSeal Results

A small amount of the VenaSeal closure system adhesive is used to close the vein, and your body will naturally absorb it over time. Patients feel little, if any, pain during this treatment. As soon as the disease vein is closed, you may notice an improvement in your symptoms. This is an outpatient procedure at the Flower Mound Vein Center, and there is no down time for patients after the VenaSeal vein treatment so patients can resume their normal activities.

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