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A Flower Mound Vein Specialist Explains How a 1-Hour Procedure Can Improve Your Quality of Life

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A Flower Mound Vein Specialist Explains How a 1-Hour Procedure Can Improve Your Quality of Life

“Quality of life” is a phrase that means many things to many people.
Flower Mound Vein Specialist: Improve Your Life in 1 Hour

For some, it can mean being able to comfortably afford food, clothing, and shelter. To others, having a good quality of life may require more intangible things, like being satisfied with one’s work and happy in one’s relationships. If you have varicose veins and have been trying to live with them for some time, the thing that would most improve your quality of life might be seeing your reflection in the mirror without feeling ashamed of how your legs look. Or being able to walk your kids to school, something you can’t comfortably do now because your swollen legs and ankles make it difficult to do anything but sit on the sofa moaning “My legs hurt!”

Vein disease destroys your quality of life

Contrary to what many people believe, varicose veins aren’t just a “cosmetic concern.” In most cases, they are the surface symptoms of a deeper vein disease called chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), which impairs your circulation, cripples your immune system, and imperils your overall health. Having varicose veins increases your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes, having a stroke, and becoming obese. On a physical level, varicose veins also destroy your quality of life because your impaired circulation will start to manifest symptoms such as chronically swollen legs and ankles, tiredness and weakness in your legs, and an inability to stand or walk for long periods of time. Left untreated, varicose veins can eventually cause changes in the color and texture of your skin and possibly become infected, leaving your legs covered with open, bleeding sores called leg ulcers. That’s not much “quality of life.” But the effects of varicose veins don’t stop there. On a mental level, having varicose veins has been identified as a major cause of low self-esteem. Being unable to wear shorts or bathing suits or short dresses because you’re ashamed of how your legs look takes its toll over time, and can leave you without any self-confidence. This can escalate to feelings of isolation and depression.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eliminate the cause of all this in an hour?

You can. The treatments used by your Flower Mound vein specialist are minimally invasive, meaning that to have your varicose veins removed you don’t have to go to a hospital, you don’t have to undergo general anesthesia because there are no deep incisions, and you don’t have to take time off of work to recover, because there is nothing to recover from. You can literally walk into our comfortable Flower Mound Vein Center offices with varicose veins and walk out without them about an hour later. At that point your varicose veins will be permanently sealed and “on their way out.” Within a few short weeks all remaining traces of them will have been absorbed by surrounding tissues in your legs. You’ll be able to look into a mirror and smile again, because no traces of your former varicose veins will be present. Even more important in terms of improving your quality of life, symptoms such as swollen legs and ankles, weakness and tiredness in your legs, and general lack of energy will also be gone, because the vein disease that was crippling your circulation will be gone. Many of our patients who invest an hour in having their varicose veins removed say that afterwards it’s like “getting their life back.” They have the energy to play sports and go to the beach with their loved ones again, and they can do so without embarrassment because their legs have regained their natural beauty. In other words, they have regained their quality of life…and in only about an hour.

Call us if you want to regain your quality of life

If you’re tired of allowing your varicose veins to ruin your quality of life, call one of the best vein doctors in Texas today at 972-410-5757 and schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Robert A. Handley. He will examine your condition and explain the different treatment options to you, and help you to select the ones that best suit your personal goals and concerns. And within a very short time, you can be back on the beach with your loved ones yourself, enjoying a quality of life you thought you might never have again.

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