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A Flower Mound Vascular Doctor on Keeping Your Veins Healthy

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A Flower Mound Vascular Doctor on Keeping Your Veins Healthy

Many people who care about their own health and physical well-being talk about the resources that are available to help them realize their goals. If that goal is to keep their hearts healthy, in any city in the United States they can find dozens of groups, health care specialists, counselors or others to give them advice on how to do this.

If they are more athletic, and interested in learning new skills in their favorite sport or learning how to overcome limitations or injuries so they can enjoy them more often, there are resources like sports medicine doctors or personal trainers to help them accomplish this goal as well. But if your goal is to keep your veins healthy, where do you go? Ask many general practitioners about how to achieve optimal vein health, and they might tell you to lose weight, eat a balanced diet, and get more exercise, all of which are true, but not exactly helpful. Then they’d possibly follow that general advice with, “See a specialist.” As vein specialists in Flower Mound and medical practitioners who are considered the best vein doctors in Texas, we cannot help but agree with this last statement.

Who are your best resources to help you keep your veins healthy?

Vascular medicine – the study of how to keep your veins and arteries healthy – is a very specialized practice, one that requires years of training and even more years of diligent practice to master. In some respects it’s an art form. A medical general practitioner – no matter how talented – can diagnose and treat many disorders, but faced with vein diseases that display no overt symptoms, they may not be as useful a resource. How, for example, do they detect a common vein disease like chronic venous insufficiency by taking a single blood pressure reading on the arm, as they have been taught to do? A proper diagnosis often depends on taking two simultaneous readings in two different locations, so that the specialist can determine the ankle-brachial index, a measure of how efficiently your blood is flowing through your veins.

Becoming a vein health resource involves specialized training and expertise

The test mentioned above is only one of the specialized diagnostic techniques we rely on as vein specialists in Flower Mound. A true resource in the science of vein care must also be a master of diagnostic technologies such as Doppler ultrasound, used to look beneath the surface of the skin and visualize the tiny valves that control venous blood flow, to determine whether they are working properly. They must know how to use ultrasound and other technologies to locate blood clots in the deep veins of the legs that could indicate the presence of deep vein thrombosis, a vein disease that is often fatal. But an even larger part of whether a health care specialist can be a true resource in the fight against vein disease involves how to treat these diseases once one has diagnosed them. Treatment methodologies such as ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, endovenous laser therapy (EVLT), and ambulatory phlebectomy require years of training to master.

What other resources can your vascular doctor in Flower Mound provide?

The skillful diagnosis and treatment of venous disorders and their symptoms, such as swollen legs and ankles, is part of the art of being a true vein health resource. Other important parts involve risk assessment, prevention, and education. Many vein diseases are hereditary, so a true resource cannot look just at your health history, but must look at that of your parents and grandparents as well. A vein disease resource should also know to ask about lifestyle issues such as smoking, inactivity, or obesity, all of which can significantly increase your risk of vein disease. And even if a patient is found to not currently have vein disease following an examination, a trusted resource must be able to offer advice that will help that patient to remain healthy, and prevent vein disease from taking hold in the future. Fortunately, you can find all of these qualities in Dr. Robert A. Handley and his associates at Flower Mound Vein Center. They have spent many years becoming the most trusted vein care resources in Texas, and they are willing to share their expertise with you and become your trusted vein health resource. The only thing it takes to get these resources “on your team” and working on your behalf is a call to 972-410-5757 or visit our website at flowermoundveins.com/ to find out more information about vein disease and the fast, effective, and painless treatments that can eliminate it. You’ll be happy you called, and so will your veins.

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