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A Flower Mound Vein Specialist: Consequences of Varicose Veins Every Patient Will Want To Avoid

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A Flower Mound Vein Specialist: Consequences of Varicose Veins Every Patient Will Want To Avoid

As a spider and varicose vein doctor in Flower Mound, Texas, I often hear about people who believe that their varicose veins are “just a cosmetic problem,” and that they don’t require treatment for them. Yes, their swollen and discolored veins are unattractive, but they honestly believe that they’re “nothing to worry about.” Varicose veins are something to worry about. They are the superficial, visible symptoms of an underlying circulatory disorder that can have serious consequences if it is not treated. In this article I’ll deal with some of those possible consequences.

What residents of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area should know about varicose veins

Most cases of varicose veins are caused by an underlying vein disease called chronic venous insufficiency, or CVI. This disorder causes the tiny, one-way valves that control blood flow through the veins to become “leaky” and fail to close properly after blood is pumped through them back to the heart. When this happens, the blood flows back into the veins and pools there, causing the veins to become swollen and discolored, taking on the bluish-purple color of deoxygenated blood. This is distressing enough for many people, because as a result of CVI their legs have become covered with swollen, blue-colored veins. This can cause them to feel self-conscious about showing their legs in public, and over time this aspect of having varicose veins alone can have severe consequences, such as loss of self-esteem and even depression. But it’s the underlying vein disease that is the real problem.

The varicose veins are only the first symptoms

CVI impairs your whole circulatory system, and left untreated, this impairment can lead to other, more serious symptoms. For example, many people who do not seek treatment for their varicose veins develop swollen legs and ankles that constantly feel tired and weak as a result of their impaired circulation. The condition can become so painful that they become unable to stand or walk for long periods of time. This can result in missed work, psychological problems, and a sense of isolation. The skin around the varicose veins can become toughened and discolored, and give large areas of their legs, feet, and ankles the appearance and feel of leather. And If the CVI causing their varicose veins is still left untreated, the poor circulation through the swollen veins can cause these veins to become infected, resulting in bleeding sores called leg ulcers that do not heal on their own, and do not respond to topical treatment.

And these are still not the most serious consequences of varicose veins

Because the underlying vein disease is impairing their circulation and thus their immune system, people with varicose veins increase their risk of developing other conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Also, due to impaired circulation, CVI is often accompanied by a more serious vein disease, deep vein thrombosis, which causes blood clots to form in the deeper veins of their legs. This would be a serious condition in itself, further impairing the proper flow of blood, but the real danger occurs if these blood clots break loose from where they formed and travel to the lungs or to the brain. There they can cause pulmonary embolism or stroke, conditions that kill over 300,000 Americans every year. So yes, untreated varicose veins DO have consequences. Fortunately, these problems can be prevented by seeking vein disease treatment right here in Texas, from your local vein specialist in Flower Mound. The varicose veins themselves can be permanently eliminated using painless, minimally invasive procedures that can be performed in the comfort of our offices in about an hour. The underlying vein diseases can also be treated, to improve your circulation and restore to you your energy and health. So if you have varicose veins, one of the most powerful steps you can take towards avoiding all of these consequences is to seek treatment. Give Dr. Robert A. Handley a call at 972-410-5757 today, or visit our website at flowermoundveins.com/ to find out more information about vein disease and the fast, effective, and painless treatments that can eliminate it. You’ll be happy you did, and that you relied on the best vein doctor in Texas to help you rediscover what life is like without varicose veins.

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