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How Vein Doctors Can Help You Live a Better Life

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How Vein Doctors Can Help You Live a Better Life

Many people feel that the main task of doctors is to “fix their problems” when they are ill. That is indeed part of a physician’s job description, but the part that is more fulfilling for us as vein specialists in Flower Mound is when we are able to help our patients rediscover the joys of living a healthy life. This opportunity is especially satisfying when dealing with the debilitating conditions that can arise as symptoms of or complications from vein disease.

Every day we see people who have grown so used to having unattractive varicose veins and spider veins, or have grown so accustomed to the discomfort and pain of swollen legs and ankles that they have almost begun to think of these symptoms as “normal.” One of the most satisfying aspects of our job is being able to see the looks of joy and happiness on the faces of our patients when they are finally free of these symptoms at last, and realize how abnormal they were.

<strong>Will you be happy you sought vein disease treatment in Flower Mound, Texas?</strong>

One of the obvious ways that patients who have had their vein disease treated at Flower Mound Vein Center feel that their lives are better is that they no longer have to live with the unattractiveness of varicose veins and spider veins. Many have reported what a relief it was to no longer feel the need to hide their legs under long pants, and their joy at being able to wear shorts or go to the beach again. The improvement in their appearance has enabled them to shake off feelings of shyness and even depression that they had felt for years. They speak to us of “feeling free” and of finally feeling as if their lives were “back to normal.” On another level, this “back to normal” feeling extends to many of the complications that accompanied their varicose veins. The underlying vein disease had not only robbed them of their self-confidence, it robbed them of their energy and their mobility as well. Varicose veins and other forms of vein disease such as chronic venous insufficiency often lead to chronically swollen legs and ankles and feelings of pain and discomfort so intense that they were no longer able to walk or stand for long periods of time. When the underlying cause of these symptoms is eliminated, so are the symptoms, so patients sometimes speak of feeling “much younger,” because they now have the energy and stamina of a youthful person. They can dance again, and play sports they had been avoiding, and as a result their lives feel much better and more fulfilling.

<strong>Feeling better about yourself leads to feeling better about life</strong>

After treatment, with the unsightly swollen veins and lack of energy gone, many people also speak of how much better they feel about themselves on a psychological level. Vein disease takes a heavy toll on one’s feelings of self-confidence and well-being, and when the disease has been eliminated, often so are the perceived obstacles to being happy. Many patients have told us stories of feeling isolated from their friends and family because they no longer had the energy to participate in their activities, or were ashamed to go out with them because of their varicose veins. When these symptoms disappeared, so did these patients’ sense of isolation. Their self-esteem returned, and that in turn made their friends and family happier. So if you have varicose veins or have been diagnosed with other circulatory problems, one of the most powerful steps you can take towards leading a better life is to seek treatment. Just the act of overcoming your fears or your procrastination and having your vein problems treated is a major achievement, one that you can feel proud of. And if you think about it, the alternative is to try to “live with” all of the discomfort, and that’s not really living, is it?

<strong>Take a step towards a better life…call Dr. Robert A. Handley</strong>

Give us a call at 972-410-5757 today, or visit our website at flowermoundveins.com/ to find out more information about vein disease and the fast, effective, and painless treatments that can eliminate it. You’ll be happy you did, and happy that you relied on the best vein doctor in Texas to help you rediscover the joy of a better life.

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