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A Flower Mound Vein Specialist Discusses Unexpected Symptoms of Vein Disease

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A Flower Mound Vein Specialist Discusses Unexpected Symptoms of Vein Disease

Most people, if you ask them to name some of the symptoms of vein disease, will start and stop with “varicose veins,” because that’s the only one they can think of. This is unfortunate, because it ignores a much larger number of symptoms that may indicate the presence of not only a vein disease, but a serious and even life-threatening one. Dr. Robert A. Handley, one of the best vein doctors in Texas, hopes to correct this situation by discussing some other symptoms and side effects of vein disease that you don’t know about, but should.

What unexpected symptoms of vein disease should Flower Mound, TX residents know about?

To start, here are a few “self-test” questions for our Flower Mound neighbors, whether you have noticed the appearance of varicose veins or spider veins or not. Do you ever experience swollen legs and ankles? Do you ever experience tiredness or pain in your legs, sometimes so intense that you can’t get around easily, only sit and moan, “My legs hurt”? Do you find that you don’t have the energy to do the things you used to do, and find yourself making excuses to avoid either walking or standing for any length of time? If so, all of these symptoms may be indicative of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), a “hidden” vein disease that is one of the most common causes of varicose veins, but that can ruin your health even if you can’t see any swollen veins. If you have CVI, it means that the tiny valves that control the flow of blood through your veins back to your heart have become “leaky,” and do not function properly any more. The result is that the deoxygenated blood flows “backwards” and begins to pool up in your veins (this is what causes the swelling and discoloration of varicose veins). Whether you develop varicose veins or not, CVI means that your circulatory system has become compromised, putting increased pressure on your heart and jeopardizing your overall health. Have you noticed changes in the color or texture of the skin on your legs? Discoloration of the legs and ankles and the appearance of patches of dry, flaky, or inflamed reddish-brown skin are two more “hidden” symptoms of vein disease. Left untreated, this can develop into open sores called leg ulcers.

Are there other vein disease symptoms I don’t know about?

Quite a few, actually, and the problem is that most people don’t necessarily associate them with vein disease. One is obesity or being overweight, which is a factor that increases your risk of getting vein disease, but that can also be an indicator that you already have it. Another symptom that few associate with vein disease is so common that it affects 10-20% of the population – “acid reflux.” If you have this, you often feel as if bile is rising up your esophagus and into your throat and making you feel nauseated. While there are other causes for this condition, one of the most common is scleroderma, a side effect of CVI and other vein diseases. Even erectile dysfunction in men can be a sign of vein disease. But one of the most unexpected symptoms of vein disease isn’t physical at all; it’s mental – chronic depression and the loss of self-esteem. This happens to many people who have unattractive varicose veins and feel bad about them, but can also happen as the result of impaired circulation that is depriving your brain of the blood and nutrients it needs to be healthy.

What should I do if I’ve experienced some of these symptoms?

Seek vein disease treatment here in Texas, and quickly. For example, call Flower Mound Vein Center and ask for an appointment for a venous health screening. These screenings are completely painless and non-invasive, but can tell you whether you have vein disease quickly and accurately, in about an hour. If Dr. Robert A. Handley finds that you do have some form of vein disease, he will explain to you in clear terms what the possible treatment options are. So give us a call at 972-410-5757 today, or visit our website at flowermoundveins.com/ to find out more.

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