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How Vein Disease Treatment in Texas Can Help Your Marriage

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How Vein Disease Treatment in Texas Can Help Your Marriage

When you are suffering from varicose veins, it’s natural to focus on the impact they have on your life. After all, you are the one dealing with swollen legs & ankles, achy legs, and a decreased feeling of self-worth brought on by the problem’s unsightly nature. However, there may be someone else who is impacted by your vein disease: your spouse. While it may not seem intuitive at first, undergoing vein disease treatment can have a positive impact on both your health and on the health of your marriage.

How can vein disease treatment in Texas help improve my marriage?

Varicose veins can have a negative impact on many areas of your life, including your mood. And why not? It’s difficult to stay positive if your legs are constantly uncomfortable. However, your mood can easily influence that of your partner’s, potentially having an impact on your marriage. If all you can do after work is lie on the couch and say “my legs hurt,” your partner may also begin to give in to this negativity. If you are finding that your mood is negatively impacted by varicose veins, seeking vein treatment can help make you feel more comfortable and a little more upbeat.

If varicose veins can be detrimental to your mood, they can be absolutely devastating to your self-esteem. These unsightly veins can easily make you feel the need to cover your legs wherever you go, forcing you to ignore your favorite clothes in favor of long pants. You may find your confidence shaken by this sudden change, making you less comfortable being intimate with your spouse. Fortunately, vein disease treatment in Texas can help you regain your leg’s former aesthetics, helping you find your confidence and enjoy time spent with your partner.

Finally, your spouse may worry about the impact that varicose veins have on your overall health. This worry may exhibit itself in different ways, potentially leading to arguments over this and many other topics. Getting the vein care you need can help put your partner’s mind at ease, making it easier for the two of you to communicate without the specter of potential vein disease complications looming over your conversations.

What are my vein disease treatment options?

If you are ready to undergo vein treatment for the sake of your marriage, you will find that you have plenty of options. Many vascular doctors in Flower Mound, including Dr. Robert Handley, recommend that most patients explore lifestyle changes as a first step to treating vein disease. These conservative treatments include regular exercise, weight management, and wearing compression stockings.

If conservative measures aren’t enough, your doctor may recommend a minimally invasive vein treatment. These treatments help address abnormal veins without the need for surgical incisions or lengthy recovery periods, allowing you to improve your health (and your marriage) quickly, safely, and comfortably. Minimally invasive treatments have excellent aesthetic results as well, helping better your appearance alongside your health.

Whether you are interested in vein treatment for your own health or for the health of your marriage, Flower Mound Vein Center is here to help. We have the tools you need to diagnose and treat whatever vascular issues are impacting your life. Our staff is dedicated to finding the individualized treatment plan you need to make vein disease a thing of the past. For more information on what we can do for you and your marriage, call our office at 972-410-5757.

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