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The Men’s Guide to Treating Swollen Legs & Ankles

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The Men’s Guide to Treating Swollen Legs & Ankles

Both men and women experience swollen legs & ankles, but there are few resources out there that address how men may wish to deal with this problem. While both genders can utilize some of the same strategies to reduce swelling, there are some differences in treatment between men and women. The following guide is designed to help men get rid of leg and ankle swelling quickly and effectively.

How can Flower Mound men treat leg and ankle swelling?

One of the most important things for men to understand when considering leg and ankle swelling treatment is that this issue is often a symptom of a larger problem. Swelling can be caused by venous insufficiency, a condition in which a person’s veins are unable to effectively move blood upstream to the heart. Instead, blood is allowed to pool downwards, causing leg and ankle swelling alongside a number of other issues. Because of hormonal factors women are more likely to experience this issue than males, but this does not mean that vein disease is uncommon among men.

Some men are reluctant to consult with a vein specialist in Flower Mound because many vein issues (including spider and varicose veins) have a reputation for being primarily cosmetic concerns. This misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. The sluggish blood flow associated with venous insufficiency and swollen legs & ankles puts patients at risk of blood clots, including the potentially serious condition deep vein thrombosis. Even if swollen legs and ankles do not have a significant impact on a man’s quality of life, he should get in touch with a vascular doctor in Flower Mound rather than toughing it out. Early intervention could help prevent serious problems in the future.

Men who work standing occupations should take steps to move around often during the course of the day. This is because standing still in one place can worsen lower extremity swelling and increase the risk of damage to veins. Losing weight, exercising regularly, and wearing compression hose can also help improve swelling.

In some cases, vein disease treatment in Texas may be the most effective method of addressing swollen ankles and legs. Fortunately for men with busy schedules, today’s vein treatments are quick, safe, and require minimal recovery time. Men whose jobs involve manual labor should note that strenuous activity should be avoided for a week or two after treatment, but in most cases patients can return to their regular routine shortly after their procedure. Most modern vein procedures are completed very quickly, in some cases in as little as an hour, greatly reducing the amount of time spent in treatment.

Any man experiencing leg and ankle swelling should take the time to consult with a vein doctor (such as Dr. Robert Handley) to rule out a more serious condition. Even if your swelling is due to issues in your veins, Flower Mound Vein Center has the resources you need to treat the problem quickly and effectively. To learn more about your vein treatment options (or any other vein related topic), give our office a call at 972-410-5757.

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