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Flower Mound Vein Specialist: What You Can Do At Home to Improve Your Vein Health

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Flower Mound Vein Specialist: What You Can Do At Home to Improve Your Vein Health

If you’ve seen friends or family suffering from vein disease, or if you’re worried you are starting to feel its effects yourself, you are likely interested in addressing the problem before it gets out of hand. While taking the time to consult with a vein specialist in Flower Mound (such as Dr. Robert Handley) is always a good idea if you have concerns about your veins, there are steps you can take at home to help improve the health of your blood vessels. Read on for tips about at home vein care.

What do vascular doctors in Flower Mound recommend to improve vein health at home?

Many of the ideas vein specialists in Flower Mound give their patients about at home vein care focus around tasks that can improve health overall. One such idea revolves around weight management. Carrying excess weight can put unnecessary strain on veins, potentially causing damage and increasing your risk of vein disease. Losing extra weight can reduce this strain, improving your vein health and bettering your health overall. Weight management can be easier said than done, but working with a nutritionist or your primary care doctor can help you come up with strategies that fit for your particular situation.

Regular exercise goes hand in hand with weight loss when it comes to bettering vein health at home. Not only does regular exercise help with weight management, it also encourages proper circulation. Every time you move your legs your blood gets an extra push back to your heart. This can help prevent swollen legs & ankles as well as build muscle strength to help keep blood flowing even when your legs are not moving.

Your profession can have an impact on your risk of vein problems. If you work a job that requires you to stand all day, increased pressure on your blood vessels may increase your risk of vein disease. If you are in this situation you may wish to look into taking regular breaks to get off your feet. If sitting isn’t an option, move your legs regularly as you stand to help improve blood flow.

If your career or lifestyle forces you to travel often, compression stockings can significantly improve your blood flow and vein health. These stockings, which can be purchased at most drug or medical stores, apply helpful pressure to your ankles and calves. More pressure is exerted lower down on your leg, encouraging blood to move upwards. Compression stockings are especially useful during long plane rides where regular movement can be difficult.

Taking good care of your veins at home can help you to avoid vein disease treatment in Texas in the future. While there is no guaranteed way to avoid vein issues completely, taking good care of your health will do nothing but help. At Flower Mound Vein Center we encourage all our patients to consider what they can do at home to improve their vein function. For more information on the steps you can take, give our office a call at 972-410-5757.

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