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Flower Mound Vein Specialists Explain What the World Would Be Like If There Were No Treatment for Varicose Veins

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Flower Mound Vein Specialists Explain What the World Would Be Like If There Were No Treatment for Varicose Veins

To some extent, you can imagine what the world would be like without modern treatments for varicose veins by simply looking back a few years, to what things were like in the “bad old days.” Women and men with varicose veins would in most cases just try to “live with them,” because the prospect of having them treated was worse in their minds than the varicose veins. The only treatments were surgical, performed in a hospital under general anesthesia. The doctors literally had to open each vein and then “scrape it clean” with a scalpel. Recovery was long and painful, and often the scars left after the varicose veins were “removed” were as unattractive as the varicose veins.

What else would life be like for Flower Mound residents if there were no varicose vein treatments?

Well, there would be the cosmetic problem, of course. Literally millions of Americans – over 50% of the adult population – would hide their legs in long pants, ashamed to wear shorts or skirts or go to the beach. Even if many of them felt like going to the beach, they wouldn’t have the energy to go, because the chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) that caused their varicose veins would have left them with swollen legs and ankles, feeling tired and listless all the time, and with no desire to do anything but sit on the sofa moaning “My legs hurt.”

A sizeable percentage of these varicose vein sufferers would be suffering even more, because their swollen veins would have developed painful ulcers that would not heal. Some would have developed a related condition called deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and developed blood clots in the deep veins of their legs. These clots, at their most benevolent, would obstruct the proper flow of blood and weaken their immune systems, putting them at risk of other diseases. At their worst, these blood clots would have traveled through the circulatory system to the lungs or brain, and 20-30% of the people with DVT would be dead, having suffered pulmonary embolisms or stroke. All in all, it’s not a pretty picture.

Fortunately, effective varicose vein treatment is available

And even more fortunately, it’s available close to home here in the Ft. Worth-Dallas area, at the Flower Mound Vein Center. There, Dr. Robert A. Handley and his superbly trained staff offer the most advanced, state-of-the-art varicose vein treatment in the world. His expertise has led him to be called the best vein doctor in Texas.

The treatments he offers include cosmetic sclerotherapy and ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy, both of which can close varicose veins permanently and painlessly. The treatments are performed in the comfort of our Flower Mound offices, requiring no incisions, no general anesthesia, and no long recovery period. You literally walk in with your varicose veins and walk out without them in about an hour. What could be simpler than that?

So be grateful for the miraculous advances in vein disease diagnosis and treatment that have occurred in the last few decades and take advantage of them today by calling our offices at 972-410-5757 to schedule a consultation. We provide the best vein disease treatment in Texas, and are the premier vascular doctors in Flower Mound. For more information about varicose veins and other forms of vein disease, visit our website at: flowermoundveins.com/

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