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The Best Vein Doctor in Texas, Dr. Robert Handley, Reveals 3 Ways Vein Disease Treatments Can Improve Your Life

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The Best Vein Doctor in Texas, Dr. Robert Handley, Reveals 3 Ways Vein Disease Treatments Can Improve Your Life

Are you the person who refuses to join friends at the pool for fear they may see the hideous spider veins on your thigh? Or maybe you’re the grandparent sitting in the corner while the grandchildren are playing because the pain in your legs in unbearable. If you aren’t living your life to its fullest because of your vein concerns, read on to find out how vein disease treatments can help you get back out there.

Look and feel your best!

Getting rid of spindly spider veins and bulging, ropey varicose veins can have a tremendous positive impact on the way you look and feel. With cleaner, smoother legs, not only will you look good to other people, you will also like the way you look. With all this increased confidence in your improved appearance, you will feel better about yourself. Not to mention, any pain or swelling you had before your treatment will be lessened or gone, which will also make you feel great physically.

There are a few ways to get rid of those unsightly veins in your legs, and that’s where the spider and varicose veins doctor in Flower Mound comes in. Your doctor will be able to assess your veins and prescribe a personalized plan of care that is fast, convenient and virtually pain-free. Additionally, insurance companies are likely to cover at least some of the costs of your vein removal. Now that there aren’t anymore excuses, go ahead and buy that short skirt you had your eye on, because you’ll get to wear it after your treatment. 

Don’t let circulation slow you down…live your life!

A healthy circulatory system works to get oxygen and other nutrients into your body through your bloodstream. Unhealthy veins aren’t able to push the blood out of your legs as efficiently and some of the blood can become stuck. The fluid sits in your veins, often resulting in aches, feelings of heaviness and ­swollen legs and ankles. Anyone feeling pain or discomfort in their legs may end up literally sitting on the sidelines and missing out on fun and enriching experiences. Fortunately, there are several ways to improve your circulation with or without surgery. A quick and non-evasive fix to alleviate vein disease symptoms is wearing specially made socks called compression stockings that squeeze your veins and help ease the discomfort. Your doctor may recommend painlessly removing the veins through minimally invasive techniques, such as sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy or endovenous laser treatment.

If you often find yourself saying, “My legs hurt!” it may be time to seek the help of an experienced spider and varicose veins doctor­. Flower Mound patients are lucky to have within their reach the services of Dr. Robert Handley, the medical director of Flower Mound Vein Center, and his friendly team of vein care professionals. The Center facilities and the staff are equipped to suit all your vein needs. They are happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have by simply calling their office today at (972) 410-5757.

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