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A Flower Mound, Texas Vein Doctor Explains Why Men Should Not Ignore the Signs of Vein Disease

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A Flower Mound, Texas Vein Doctor Explains Why Men Should Not Ignore the Signs of Vein Disease

For many men varicose veins are nothing but a cosmetic problem. If they start to see them on their legs they may start wearing long pants, but otherwise their lives don’t change. Treating a varicosity as merely a cosmetic issue may lead to further trouble down the road. The potential consequences of untreated varicose veins can be serious. In honor of Men’s Health Month, Dr. Robert Handley is encouraging all men to treat varicose veins as a health issue worthy of swift action.

Why should Flower Mound, Texas men take varicose veins seriously?

Men should consider varicose veins a problem worthy of action because of the potential consequences circulation issues can bring. While for many men the only symptoms of bulging vein problems are large, visible veins, some experience pain, swelling, and discomfort around the varicosity. Swelling may be reduced in the short term by keeping the affected leg raised while sitting or sleeping, but in for long term relief treatment may be necessary.

A potential complication of an untreated varicosity is leg and foot ulcers. These ulcers are poorly healing wounds that look “ugly” and may cause pain. Ulcers caused by vein disease can grow large, sometimes as big as ten centimeters across. In some cases the only way for the wound to heal properly is to treat the diseased vein causing it.

There is a connection between varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVT is a type of blood clot that forms in veins deep inside the body. Serious complications can arise if part of the clot breaks off and travels through the circulatory system. If the clot becomes stuck in an artery near the lung, a potentially fatal pulmonary embolism can occur.

What steps can men take to treat varicosities?

 Men who choose to undergo varicose vein treatment with Dr. Handley have several options available. If at all possible, Dr. Handley will recommend conservative treatment. This type of non-surgical treatment focuses on lifestyle choices the patient can make to slow the progression of existing varicose veins and lower the risk of the formation of new ones. Patients undergoing this type of treatment may be encouraged to lose weight, exercise more, or wear compression stockings.

Conservative treatment is not an effective way to eliminate already existing varicosities. Instead, men can elect to undergo one of several safe, minimally invasive treatments. A common form of treatment to get rid of varicose veins is Endovenous Laser Treatment. EVLT Treatment closes off a diseased vein through heat delivered by a laser-bearing catheter, allowing blood to be directed to healthier veins. EVLT can be completed quickly, in many cases in as little as an hour, and most patients can return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure.

Correctly understanding the risk involved with leaving varicose veins untreated can help men make informed choices about whether or not they wish to pursue treatment. If you have varicosities and would like to learn more about your treatment options, you can contact Flower Mound Vein Center at 972.200.3097. We can help you set up a consultation with Dr. Handley so he can help diagnose and treat your vein problems.

Varicose veins are not a serious health problem by themselves, but they should be considered more than merely a cosmetic issue. Men should feel confident about pursuing treatment for varicosities. Doing so means you are taking a step to better the health of your veins and, by extension, your health overall.

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